Lonpos Pyramid and Rectangle Puzzle - 101 & 303

The LONPOS 101 and the LONPOS 303 Pyramid and Rectangle games are pocket/ purse sized making them perfect travel games or for working on while waiting in a doctor’s office, etc. With each of the LONPOS 101 and LONPOS 303 Pyramid and Rectangle Games there are 360,984 2-dimensional rectangles and 2,582 3-Dimensional pyramids that can be completed.

LONPOS 101 has 76 preset rectangle problems and 25 preset pyramid problems to solve, ranging from very easy to very difficult.

LONPOS 303 has the original 76 preset rectangle problems plus an additional 180 preset rectangle problems and the original 25 preset pyramid problems plus an additional 22 preset pyramid problems to solve, providing even greater challenges than LONPOS 101.

To play 2D games, take out the 12 colorful game pieces (known as pentominoes) from the box and put them on the tray. Then, from the booklet, locate a problem that you would like to try to solve and place the pieces on the game board in accordance with the illustration. Once you have done that, the challenge is to fit the remaining pieces into the spaces remaining.

To play 3D games, take the pentominoes out of the box, close the box and turn it over so that the game board is facing upward. Locate the problems in the booklet, set up the pyramid in accordance with the illustration and then fit the remaining pieces into place to complete the pyramid.

Sounds easy? The first few problems really are, but as you work through the more difficult problems you will find some to be excruciatingly hard. By this time you are probably addicted and will not want to put the game away until you have solved the problem!

While our recommended age level is for 5 year olds and up to adults (ALL age groups love these games – several hundred were purchased as goody-bag gifts at an international conference of rocket scientists, who were enthralled), even children as young as four enjoy doing the easier problems under adult supervision.

They comply with European safety standards CE / En71 so there is no lead and no phthalates.